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Can I plant a vegetable garden in my front yard without ARC approval?

Some of you may have heard of the two following bills recently passed into law:

  • SB82 2019-1120 Vegetable Gardens – allows for homeowners to plant vegetable gardens on residential property without obtaining approval from local government.
  • HB1159 2019-155 Property Rights & Tree Regulation – allows for no notice, approval, fee or mitigation to trim or remove a tree on residential property IF:  a) the tree is a danger to persons or property or  b) tree is approved for removal by a certified arborist or landscape architect. 

Although, the above bills have now become law they DO NOT APPLY to owners living within a planned unit development with an active HOA.

This means Architectural Review is still required before making a change to your landscaping and/or removal of an existing tree in accordance with Article IV Section 1 and Article V Section 14 of the Eagle Harbor community documents.

Contact the community manager, Theresa Barengo, if you have questions: 904-278-0616 x1003.

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