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In accordance with the community documents Article IV Section 1: No improvements may be made on any part of the property  without the prior written consent of the Declarant (HOA).  This means all changes and/or improvements are to be submitted, reviewed and approved by the community ARC prior to such change being made.  Also, in accordance with Article V Section 14 Maintenance: No party shall cut any living tree having a trunk diameter greater than six (6) inches measured at a height of three (3) feet above the ground without the prior approval of Declarant (HOA).   Please email the community manager, Theresa Barengo: tlbarengo@paracleteservicesllc.com with your tree removal request. There is no fee, and the review can ususally be completed within 3-4 days. 

Additional Architecural Review Committee (ARC) information and applications can be obtained by clicking the ARC link at the top of this page.  ARC applications should be received in the HOA office the Friday prior to the meeting date.  If you have quesitons or need assistance please contact us at: 904-278-0616 or visit the HOA office at 2105 Harbor Lake Drive, during office hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs. from 9am - 3pm

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