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ARC Functions Per the Covenants

While maintaining the ARC Guidelines, the ARC works diligently to review every submittal on an individual basis. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Each owner shall maintain its portion of the property in good condition at all times, including mowing, edging, weeding and picking up trash out of the yard, lake banks, drainage easements as necessary. (Article V, Section 14)

Any change to the exterior of your home requires ARC approval. (ARC Guidelines II, Section II.I) Any exterior modification, alteration, change or addition must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to start of construction. In most cases, the ARC will review and process your application within 7 – 10 business days. Please allow ample time for the review process. While many contractors offer to submit the necessary documentation, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure ARC approval is obtained prior to construction. If construction is started or completed prior to approval and said construction is not approved, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove and/or bring into compliance any such construction to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Mail Boxes
Per the Covenants, standards have been established regarding color and style of mailboxes. Eagle Harbor mailboxes were designed with solid black receptacles mounted on the approved post to maintain continuity throughout the neighborhoods. Mailboxes should be repaired and repainted as needed. In most cases a spray mix of bleach and water will remove the green or black mildew from the post. Paint colors: Benjamin Moore flat latex exterior Beige #1522, Green #686 and trim #926. Home Depot also has these paint colors on file.  *See bottom of this page for additional information located in the Mailbox Exhibit.

Independent mailbox repair/repaint service companies:

   - Repaint/Repair/Replace:  Nate 904-357-0773, John 904-673-0510, Fonzi 904-318-8487

   - Full Replacement ONLY: Bryan 904-738-1837, Tim 904-874-0040, Signs by Tomorrow 904-332-0778

Eagle Harbor’s Covenants and Restrictions Article V Section 5. SIGNS states: "No signs or advertisements of any kind may be placed on any portion of the property without approval as to size, design, content, and location".  Also, in accordance with Clay County Sign Ordinace: "One political sign per race, furnished by a certified candidate, may be displayed 30 days prior to an election and shall be removed within 7 calendar days following the election to which it pertains."

Open House, For Sale by Owner and Rental signs are available at Logo Express (across from the Fleming Island High School) 278-7774 OR you can obtain the Eagle Harbor Sign Guidelines by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Moving sales in Eagle Harbor are allowed only for the purpose of disposing personal property in conjunction with the sale of a residence. Moving sale signs are available at the Eagle Harbor Association Office. Please call 904-278-0616 x1001 to reserve your moving sale signs. 

Removal of any tree greater than 6” diameter at a height of 3 (three) feet must be approved. If a diseased or dying tree requires removal, email the community manager, Theresa Graeser-Barengo, tlbarengo@paracleteservicesllc.com, with the following information: name, address, location of the tree, why the request is being made, and contact phone number. Upon review, you will either be informed by the ARC representative onsite, or contacted by the community manager via email with ARC comments.

Flyers advertising tree removal, satellite dish installation, painting your house number on curbs, driveway stamping, landscape materials etc. are regularly distributed throughout Eagle Harbor. However, please be aware these types of flyers have no prior approval from the Eagle Harbor Architectural Review Committee. All residents wanting to make a change and/or addition to the exterior of the home and/or property are still required to submit an application for review by the ARC. Please feel free to contact the ARC should you have any questions.

(Other HOA ARC Fees: See your HOA's Page: Town Center,Black Creek, Stone Creek, Cobblestone or Pine Lake Townhomes)

Additions to your landscape are always welcome. However, any change to your home, including landscaping, must be submitted to the ARC prior to the beginning of construction. This includes all screen enclosures, fences, pool additions, exterior color change as well as concrete patios, colorizing/texturing driveways, and installation of satellite dishes. Forms are available at the information center. Items and fees as of January 1, 2010 are as follows:

Addition $100
Screen Enclosure $100
Pool/Spa $100
Play Structure $25
Fence $25
Landscape Design $25
Exterior Concrete Addition/Change $25
Exterior Accessory $25
Exterior Color Change $25
Satellite Dish $0

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any owner making a change and/or improvement without first receiving ARC approval shall be subject to a fee three times the original ARC fee stated above.

Invisible Fences
Please make sure invisible fences are kept on your property line. If a property owner takes the fence into an easement located within the property, be aware that if any work is required in that area, the property owner is responsible for all repairs to the property and the fence. Invisible fences may not extend past the property line, as for example, onto the golf course and CDD property. Also, remember owners are liable for their pet’s actions outside of their property line.

Golf Carts
As per the Clay County Sheriff's Office, Golf carts are permitted for street use north of 220 within Eagle Harbor.  Drivers must be over the age of 14.  It is illegal to operate motorized skateboards/scooters and go-karts  on streets or sidewalks.

Commercial ARC Guidelines
Mailbox Exhibit
Residential ARC Guidelines
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